STUNNING very high quality custom-built Stratocaster with full nitro heavy relic finish. This is not something you get to see everyday. Meticulously crafted to look 60 years old, this Strat has it all - the looks, the feel and the tone.

Have you ever seen a 1950s Stratocaster, that spent his long work life in a sunny part of the world? These tend to have a very faded finish, that looks so unique. That was the idea here: lots of sun and lots of hard work on stage.

The 1-tone sunburst finish has sunk into the alder body, providing with a very textured feel, the black edge of the sunburst is very faded and worn as well. Realism and attention to detail was the key when creating this guitar. Body is a custom-order, made from 2 pieces of highest quality USA alder has all the classic curves and standard SSS body routing. Thanks to the thin nitro finish, this guitar is loud acoustically and resonates forever, providing beautiful "woody" tones and plenty of natural sustain. 

Gorgeous soft V nitro-finished maple neck comes from a American Vintage Reissue 57 model and was made as a replacement part back in 2003. It has been aged to match the body and now has very cool lacquer checking on the headstock, play wear on the fretboard and satin feel on the back. All wear has been protected with several layers of Tung-Oil and feels sublime. Vintage frets are in new unplayed condition, action is low and the neck has very comfy rolled in fretboard edges. Decal is traditionally applied over the lacquer (just like back in the 1950s), part of it has been lost long time ago, but we think that is actually kinda cool and adds to the character and uniqueness. Decal can be easily replaced with a full one if the buyer desires so.

Electrical voice to this Strat is given by one of our all-time favourite Fender pickup sets - the American Vintage 57/62 Alnico V set.  Pickups have beveled edge magnets, enamel wire, fiber vulcanized bobbins and cloth-covered wires. They provide that iconic clear and characterful Stratocaster sound, that became part of so many legendary records and is still considered to be the staple of electric guitar tone. Full and rich neck pickup, balanced and chimey middle pickup and searing bridge pickup - beautiful variety with the 2 extra in-between sounds for the essential funky quack. Falling in love with these pickups is very easy.

Wiring consists of highest spec CTS USA 450-series pots with brass shafts and Oak USA 5-way switch. Fenders in the 1950s had a 3-way switch, but loosing two cool sounds just for "vintage-accuracy" just sounds wrong to us. Orange Drop 0.047uf 600V capacitor provides a very smooth treble roll-off, Tone 1 controls the neck pickup treble response, Tone2 is wired to control both middle and bridge pickup treble.

Authentic approach continues with the truly beautiful set of plastics, custom-designed to look gracefully aged. Real bakelite material has been used here to recreated the texture and the feel of the 1950s plastic, that back then was this new innovative material. Pickup covers and knobs have very pleasing rounded edges, replicating the design of the originals. 8-hole single ply pickguard has nice yellowing of the finish and non-beveled edge.

Classic Fender 6-point tremolo bridge has vintage-correct wide string spacing, full size steel tremolo block and bent steel saddles. All hardware has a lot of patina and ageing, Tremolo arm with the aged white bakelite tip has a stable snug fit, the whole system works marvelously and provides both stable tuning and expressiveness of a nicely set-up tremolo.

This Strat will come in a brand new rectangular tweed hardcase with maroon interior, accessories compartment and gold fittings.


This instrument received a full professional setup with deep body cleaning, body polish, neck deep clean, full electronics check, truss-rod and action and intonation adjustment. Restringed with Fender 10-46 Nickel-plated steel strings.


This guitar will be shipped around UK and EU with Parcelforce courier, safely packed into a sturdy guitar cardboard box. 24h courier service provided to UK customers. Worldwide shipping provided as well.

Fender American Vintage 57 neck - Custom Worn Sunburst Alder Body - Tweed Case

  • SPECS:

    MODEL: Stratocaster Custom Worn 57 Stratocaster

    COLOUR: 1-tone faded tobacco sunburst, heavy relic nitro, velvet texture

    PICKGUARD: 1-ply bakelite, aged white relic

    KNOBS: aged white bakelite 50s design

    NECK: Fender American Vintage Reissue 57 Stratocaster soft V-shape maple neck (2003), nitro lacquer, decal over the lacquer

    FRETBOARD: maple, 7.25-inch radius, gloss nitro lacquer, play wear

    FRETS: 21 vintage frets with minimal wear

    TUNERS: Kluson Vintage, aged nickel finish

    BODY: Custom-made two-piece Alder, original SSS body routing

    TOTAL WEIGHT: 3,6 kg

    TREMOLO: 6-point vintage style, bent steel vintage width saddles, full-size steel tremolo block, 3 springs, tremolo arm, aged single-ply backplate.

    WEAR: all wear intentional and purely cosmetic, to simulate 60 years of use

    PICKUPS: Fender USA American Vinage 57/62 pickup set, Alnico V magents, cloth wiring, 5.65k resistance, beveled magnets.

    WIRING: Oak Grisby USA 5-way switch, CTS USA 450-series A250K pots, Orange Drop 0.047uf 600V capacitor, cloth wiring, Tone2 modified to control both middle and bridge pickup treble response


    Please note that although we put our heart and soul and also all our knowledge into every single guitar we sell, a setup is a personal preference and we cannot give any guarantees. However, we try to get the best playability out of every guitar and set them up so you can play both rhythm and lead. We also pull them all apart to clean and check every single component and replace all unreliable parts with new ones, from dodgy pots to the whole wiring, tuners, string trees, nuts and etc. All the work done is described in detail in the listing.

    We make sure that every guitar we sell is problem free and take full responsibility for the accuracy of our listing descriptions. All photographs are done by a professional photographer and processed on a calibrated monitor. Some colours might look slightly different on your monitor, but we will always put the official Fender colour name in the listing description, so please study pictures of other guitars with the same colour if you are unsure. We focus on finding great quality guitars and making them reliable and inspiring to play.

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