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Oh, Jazzmasters... You haunt us!


When first introduced in the late 1950s, Jazzmaster was supposed to be the ultimate jewel on top of Fender's growing catalogue. However, guitar players of the day were already addicted to their Stratocasters and Telecasters and the Jazzmaster hasn't gained enough fans to become truly popular. It seemed to be a bit too ahead of its time.


Fast forward to late 1980s and early 1990s and the alt rock and indie bands were topping the charts - and playing Jazzmasters and Jaguars almost exclusively - kind of like a protest against all those more "mature" Fender models. Fast forward to today - and Jazzmasters and Jaguars are firmly established in the mainstream. It only took 60 odd years for them to be truly accepted. At the end of the day, everyone loves an underdog!


Jazzmaster we have for sale here was built in Japan in 2007. Sporting Leo Fender's favourite custom colour - Candy Apple Red - this offset has class, with it's matching headstock and a painted red (!) pickup cover. One glance - and you know this guitar has stories to tell and songs to write.


No everyone gets along with the classic two-circuit Jazzmaster wiring, so simplified wiring is getting much more common. Here simplification was taken to a new level, with just 1 volume knob and a simple and effective Telecaster-style 3-way switch, conveniently located at an angle for swift mid-song switching.


Electrical voice is provided by a rather epic combination of Bare Knuckle P90 neck pickup (7.5k) with chromed cover and The Creamery "Dark Star" overwound (14k) hot bridge single-coil with elongated magnets for improved clarity. This is truly an alt rock machine, with tons of character and grit from these two single-coils. 


C-shape maple neck with honey amber gloss finish is very comfy and fast, rosewood fretboard is nice and dark, original frets have some minor g-string wear, but plenty of life left in them. Kluson tuners with vintage slotted design help achieve great tuning stability even with some pretty active tremolo use. 


Curvy alder body has balanced weight and lovely natural resonance. Cool custom-made pearloid white pickguard has quite a unique diamond pattern and looks stunning against the candy apple finish. All internal cavities retain their original design and factory shielding and grounding to help fight electrical interference. The battlescar on the back comes from it's glory days of touring. Repair is solid and the punk-rock style finish reminds of proper "scar tissue". This is part of this guitar's history - nothing to be ashamed of!


Original Jazzmaster bridges are known for their rattling and string slippage, so here the bridge has been upgraded to a much more stable Mustang bridge with solid barrel saddles. Original long vibrato arm comes with the guitar and has a nice snug fit in the original vibrato collet.

And here you have it - unique offset built for indie and alt rock goodness with touring battlescars. Now go play some Sonic Youth out LOUD!


This instrument received a full professional setup with deep body cleaning, body polish, neck deep clean, lemon oil fretboard treatment, full electronics check, truss-rod and action and intonation adjustment. Restringed with D'addario 10-46 Nickel-plated steel strings.


This guitar will be shipped around UK and EU with Parcelforce courier, safely packed into a sturdy guitar cardboard box. 24h courier service provided to UK customers. Worldwide shipping available as well!

Fender Jazzmaster - 62 Vintage Reissue - Japan - P90 - Candy Apple Red (2007)

  • SPECS:

    MODEL: Fender Japan Jazzmaster 62 Vintage Reissue


    YEAR: 2007


    COLOUR: Candy Apple Red, gloss metallic finish


    PICKGUARD: custom-made pearloid white


    NECK: C-shape maple neck, honey amber gloss finish, matching headstock


    NUT: bone


    NUT WIDTH: 42.4mm


    NECK THICKNESS: 1st fret 21 mm; 12th fret - 22.6mm


    FRETBOARD: rosewood, 7.25-inch radius


    FRETS: 21 vintage frets with moderate wear


    TUNERS: Kluson vintage style slotted tuners, nickel finish


    BODY: alder, original SS body routing, factory shielding and grounding


    TOTAL WEIGHT: 3,6 kg


    BRIDGE: upgraded Mustang bridge with solid barrel saddles


    VIBRATO: original Fender Japan Jazzmaster vibrato with new push-in arm and stable collet


    WEAR: crack at the back of the body - rock-solid and stable and won't develop further, dents on the side of the body, small dent on the back of the neck, surface wear


    PICKUPS: upgraded Bare Knuckle P90 neck pickup (7.5k) with chromed cover and The Creamery "Dark Star" overwound (14k) hot bridge single-coil with matching red cover


    WIRING: simplified wiring with 1 master volume pot and 3-way switch


    Please note that although we put our heart and soul and also all our knowledge into every single guitar we sell, a setup is a personal preference. However, we try to get the best playability out of every guitar and set them up so you can play both rhythm and lead. We also pull them all apart to clean and check every single component and replace all unreliable parts with new ones, from dodgy pots to the whole wiring, tuners, string trees, nuts and etc. All the work done is described in detail in the listing.


    We make sure that every guitar we sell is problem free and take full responsibility for the accuracy of our listing descriptions. All photographs are done by a professional photographer and processed on a calibrated monitor. Some colours might look slightly different on your monitor, but we will always put the official Fender colour name in the listing description, so please study pictures of other guitars with the same colour if you are unsure. We focus on finding great quality guitars and making them reliable and inspiring to play.

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