Very cool Fender Japan Mustang 69 Vintage Reissue electric guitar in gorgeous and Aged White finish for sale at Guitar Garage London.


Mustang 69 Vintage Reissue has all the classic late 1960s Mustang appointments – Basswood body, vintage wiring with in and out of phase options, very smooth treble roll off and, of course, those clean and punchy single-coils, that can make almost any fuzz sound incredible through a tube amp. Most importantly, unlike a slab body 1965 model, this one has a comfy forearm contour on the front and belly cut on the back.


Made in Japan around 2004, the guitar for sale is in good condition, with just a few little bumps on the body, a bit of lacquer cracking near the bridge and a couple of bumps on the headstock. All wiring is original and has been checked and cleaned. Kluson vintage slotted tuners work very well.


24-inch short-scale (same as a Fender Jaguar) C-shape maple neck with rosewood fretboard is very comfy,  everything is ever so slightly closer together, so hurray for weird chord voicings! The back of the neck is not too skinny so this guitar actually suits many different styles of playing. Very minor wear to the frets, no choking or buzzing. Tuners are smooth and easy to use! Beautiful honey amber lacquer on the back of the neck.


Original single-coil pickups have great articulation and tonal response, they also handle distortion very well. Instant Nirvana tone with almost any classic distortion or fuzz pedal. Using the slider switches you can flip the phase on either of the pickups and get cool out-of-phase combination of both for all that funk and lo-fi stuff.


Fender Dynamic Vibrato system is easy to use and it is surprisingly stable when it comes to tuning. The tremolo arm can be fixed in place with a hex screw in the side of the barrel. Spring tension can also be adjusted by taking the plate off and adjusting the position of the springs. We think that this is the coolest vibrato/tremolo that Fender ever came up with, mainly thanks to the unusual feel and effectiveness. Tremolo arm is not included, but can be easily bought online.


This instrument received a full professional setup with deep body cleaning, body polish, neck deep clean, rosewood fretboard lemon oil treatment, full electronics check, truss-rod and action and intonation adjustment. Restringed with D'addario 11-49 Nickel-plated steel strings.


This guitar will be shipped around UK and EU with Parcelforce courier, safely packed into a sturdy guitar cardboard box. 24h courier service provided to UK customers. Worldwide shipping provided as well.

Fender Mustang - 69 Vintage Reissue - Japan - Aged Vintage White (2004)

  • SPECS:

    MODEL: Fender Japan Mustang 69 Vintage Reissue

    YEAR: 2004, R-serial CIJ

    COLOUR: Aged Vintage White, gloss lacquer

    PICKGUARD: vintage 3-ply tortoiseshell brown

    KNOBS: black

    NECK: C-shape maple neck, honey amber gloss finish

    NUT WIDTH: 41.2 mm

    NECK THICKNESS: 1st fret: 21 mm, 12th fret: 23.3 mm

    FRETBOARD: rosewood, 7.25-inch radius, pearloid marker dots

    FRETS: 22 vintage frets with minimal wear

    TUNERS: Kluson vintage slotted tuners, chrome finish

    BODY: Basswood, original SS body routing, full factory cavity shielding

    TOTAL WEIGHT: 3,4 kg

    BRIDGE: Mustang bridge with solid steel barrel saddles

    VIBRATO: Mustang Dynamic Vibrato

    WEAR: minor surface wear and scratches on the body, several small bumps on the body and top of headstock, blemishes on the chrome of the vibrato, lacquer cracks between control plate and bridge 

    PICKUPS: Fender Japan Mustang Alnico V single-coils

    WIRING: original Japan A250K pots, Yellow Hornet tone capacitor, slider switches with 4 sounds including out-of-phase option.


    Please note that although we put our heart and soul and also all our knowledge into every single guitar we sell, a setup is a personal preference and we cannot give any guarantees. However, we try to get the best playability out of every guitar and set them up so you can play both rhythm and lead. We also pull them all apart to clean and check every single component and replace all unreliable parts with new ones, from dodgy pots to the whole wiring, tuners, string trees, nuts and etc. All the work done is described in detail in the listing.

    We make sure that every guitar we sell is problem free and take full responsibility for the accuracy of our listing descriptions. All photographs are done by a professional photographer and processed on a calibrated monitor. Some colours might look slightly different on your monitor, but we will always put the official Fender colour name in the listing description, so please study pictures of other guitars with the same colour if you are unsure. We focus on finding great quality guitars and making them reliable and inspiring to play.