Here's a chance to own a truly awesome and sought-after 1980s Fender Japan! These 72 Vintage Reissue Thinline Telecasters were produced in very small quantities back in 1980s, and are of exceptionally good quality and highly collectable. These come with the nicer and clearer sounding Fender Japan Wide Range humbuckers compared to the Wide Range pickups on models made in Mexico recently. Guitar for sale is all original and unmodified and comes with the original Fender Japan leatherette soft-case, which is an 1980s rarity in itself.


The need to keep playing this Tele is evident all over the fretboard. The vintage lacquer has worn off in many places and the fretboard is satin to the touch. The back of the neck still has the lacquer intact and frets come with a lot of life in them.


Gorgeous U-shape maple neck has slim to medium sized backshape and very comfy rolled fretboard edges. Bullet-style truss-rod adjuster is conveniently located on the headstock. Original nut is nicely cut and original Kluson vintage slotted tuners hold tuning very well. Don't ask - we have no idea what the sticker on the back of the headstock means - so feel free to use the number on your next lottery attempt! We decided to keep it because it is now a part of this guitar's history, but we can remove it easily - just ask :)


The neck retains a classic 1970s three screw attachment pattern and also has a micro-tilt adjuster, that allows raising the neck heel in the pocket for further setup possibilities.


Very resonant semi-hollow ash body looks as great as it sounds and can be enjoyed unplugged as well. There is plenty of cosmetic surface wear all around, but no modifications or structural damage. Natural finish is glossy and you can spend hours getting lost in those ash wood patterns. 


When these first came out in 1972, the so-called "Wide Range" pickups were Fender's very first attempt at making humbuckers (while Gibson were churning out their humbuckers since 1959). And they got it rid (Fender, you lucky bastards). These sounded big and open and detailed and people loved them so much that Fender had sold 3 different Telecasters with these in them (Thinline, Custom and Deluxe).


The very first Vintage Reissues of these models came out in Japan in the 1980s. Japanese factory most probably spent quite some time researching the sound of the original Wide Range and come up with their own version with ceramic pole pieces instead of the CuNiFe ones used back in the 1970s. Result - same detail, clarity and punch, suited for so many genres and styles of playing. 


Guitar for sale comes with all original wiring that still works: 3-way switch with a "top hat" tip, A500k volume and tone pots and a ceramic capacitor for a nice extended treble roll off for even more sounds!


Unlike the classic 3-saddle bridge on a vintage Tele model, this one allows for much better intonation across the fretboard thanks to the individual saddles and also height adjustments. Rock-solid tuning and earth-shattering sustain are guaranteed with a hardtail design.


This instrument received a full professional setup with deep body clean, body polish, neck deep clean, full electronics check, truss-rod and action and intonation adjustment. Restringed with D'addario 10-46 Nickel-plated steel strings.


This guitar will be shipped around UK and EU with Parcelforce courier, safely packed into a sturdy guitar cardboard box. 24h courier service provided for UK customers. Worldwide shipping is provided as well!

Fender Telecaster Thinline - 72 Vintage Reissue - Japan - Natural Ash (1988)

  • SPECS:

    MODEL: Fender Japan 72 Vintage Reissue Telecaster Thinline HH


    YEAR: 1988, E8 serial MIJ


    COLOUR: Natural gloss


    PICKGUARD: 3-ply pearl white


    NECK: U-shape maple neck, gloss lacquer


    NUT WIDTH: 42.1 mm


    NECK THICKNESS: 1st fret - 20.2 mm ; 12th fret - 22.8 mm


    FRETBOARD: Maple, 7.25-inch radius


    FRETS: 21 vintage frets with moderate wear


    TUNERS: Fender Kluson original slotted tuners, aged nickel finish


    BODY: Ash, original HH body routing


    TOTAL WEIGHT: 3,5 kg


    BRIDGE: Vintage Hardtail, steel saddles, strings through body construction.


    WEAR: plenty of fretboard wear, cosmetic surface wear, aged tuners finish, aged saddle finish


    PICKUPS: original Fender Japan Wide Range humbuckers


    WIRING: original Fender Japan 3-way switch, A500K pots, Yellow Hornet ceramic tone capacitor


    CASE: original Fender Japan 1980s faux leatherette brown soft-case


    Please note that although we put our heart and soul and also all our knowledge into every single guitar we sell, a setup is a personal preference. However, we try to get the best playability out of every guitar and set them up so you can play both rhythm and lead. We also pull them all apart to clean and check every single component and replace all unreliable parts with new ones, from dodgy pots to the whole wiring, tuners, string trees, nuts and etc. All the work done is described in detail in the listing.

    We make sure that every guitar we sell is problem free and take full responsibility for the accuracy of our listing descriptions. All photographs are done by a professional photographer and processed on a calibrated monitor. Some colours might look slightly different on your monitor, but we will always put the official Fender colour name in the listing description, so please study pictures of other guitars with the same colour if you are unsure. We focus on finding great quality guitars and making them reliable and inspiring to play.