Telecaster is an absolute staple of electric guitar design. It conquered hearts across the planet way back in 1950 thanks to its simplicity and functionality. But sometimes a Tele needs a bit of flare to reignite the passion. Being huge fans of offset guitars like Jazzmaster and Jaguar, but not always needing a fiddly tremolo and a mile of wiring, we found ourselves deeply in love with the Jazzcaster/Telemaster design. Beautiful curves and a streamlined shape of the very resonant swamp ash body married to the classic Tele pickup set, top-spec USA-wiring with a 4-way switch, thin nitro finish, that let's the wood breathe and highest quality Fender Japan Telecaster neck - that is how we like our offsets!

This Telemaster comes finished in thin coat of Crimson Transparent nitro finish, that has sunk nicely into the wood grain, providing one of a kind velvety textured surface. You wouldn't believe how loud and resonant this guitar is acoustically. No unnecessary plastics, no gloss lacquer, nothing that interferes with the natural wood resonance. Big bonus here is also the weight - offset bodies are slightly bigger than Telecasters and Stratocasters and that might add to the weight. Thanks to a carefully selected lightweight two-piece swamp ash body the total weight of this guitar is just 3.3 kg.

The body has got a light relic treatment to make it look a bit more "played in". The finish will keep gracefully ageing and will sink further into the wood, exposing more intricate grain patterns.

Reverse headstocks are usually only associated with dear Mr Hendrix and Stratocasters. But we always thought that a reverse Tele headstock would provide a striking contrast to the offset body. Finding a "lefty" Fender neck proved to be quite a challenge - but it seems like it was worth the effort in the end.

Neck was made at the iconic Fender Fuji-Gen plant in Japan around 1995. It comes from a left-handed 52 vintage reissue Telecaster, but it doesn't have the typical "baseball bat" feel to it. On the contrary, this neck is surprisingly comfortable with its C-shape and worn lacquer. The wood flame is absolutely gorgeous, the whole velvet feel is sublime. Fretboard edges are rolled in for enhanced comfort, back of the neck is protected by Tung-Oil. Vintage frets have plenty of life left in them, original chrome vintage style tuners still work well, neck has a very snug fit in the neck pocket, transmitting all the string resonance.

Electric voice is provided by a pair of vintage-style alnico V single coil pickups, that have all the clarity and sensitivity, that the original tele was so famous for. Jangly but punchy bridge, warm and dark neck, beautiful balance in the "middle" position - all that classic Tele. But there is a bonus sound - the 4th position combines both pickups in series, using them as a spaced humbucker, doubling the output, overdriving your amp and making this guitar sound like a Les Paul in the neck position. Thanks to such a diverse tonal difference between the bridge and the neck pickup the series position just has it all - thick punchy low end, clear and crispy mids and shimmering highs.

Extra attention was also paid to the wiring, which consists of CTS USA A250K highest quality pots and an Orange Drop 0.022uf capacitor, that provides a very smooth and gradual treble roll off. Output jack is mounted on a very handy Electrosocket mount, which solves the problem of the classic Tele output, that always kept falling out.

The bridge design - the famous "Fender Pat Pend" - was invented all the way back in 1950, but it stood the test of time and is still widely used on all sorts of guitars today. Thick bottom plate and classic strings-through-body construction provides great resonance, brass saddles help achieve a slightly warmer tonal response. Their compensated design also solves the intonation problem, usually associated with 3 saddle bridges.

This instrument received a full professional setup with deep body clean, body polish, neck deep clean, full electronics check, truss-rod and action and intonation adjustment. Restringed with Fender 10-46 Nickel-plated steel strings.

This guitar will be shipped around UK and EU with Parcelforce courier, safely packed into a sturdy guitar cardboard box. 24h courier service provided for UK customers. Worldwide shipping provided as well!

P.S. We have another Telemaster of for sale, with a natural ash body and USA rosewood fretboard neck. Check our other listings.

Telemaster Swamp Ash Custom Offset - Japan reverse neck - Crimson Transparent

  • SPECS:

    MODEL: Telemaster Relic Custom Offset

    COLOUR: Crimson Transparent nitro, textured satin finish, light relic

    NECK: Fender Japan Telecaster C-shape maple neck, satin relic lacquer (U-serial Made in Japan in 1995)

    FRETBOARD: maple, 7,25-inch radius

    FRETS: 21 vintage frets with moderate wear

    TUNERS: Kluson vintage slotted tuners, faded nickel finish, round string tree

    BODY: 2-piece swamp Ash, SS Telecaster body routing, custom-made in UK

    TOTAL WEIGHT: 3.3 kg

    BRIDGE: Fender Pat Pend bridge, compensated brass saddles for spot-on intonation, strings-through-body anchoring

    WEAR: cosmetic wear on the neck and body

    PICKUPS: vintage style Telecaster pickups, bridge pickup with brass underplate, fiber bobbins, approx 6.6k bridge resistance, 7.4k neck resistance, Alnico V magnets.

    WIRING: CTS USA A250K pots, Oak Grisby 4-way switch, Orange Drop 0.022uf tone capacitor. 3 classic Tele sounds (neck, both in parallel, bridge) PLUS both pickups in series (powerfull humbucker tone, double the output). Output jack on an Electrosocket output insert, cloth wiring throughout. Chrome control plate with Fender 60s style flat top knobs.


    Please note that although we put our heart and soul and also all our knowledge into every single guitar we sell, a setup is a personal preference and we cannot give any guarantees. However, we try to get the best playability out of every guitar and set them up so you can play both rhythm and lead. We also pull them all apart to clean and check every single component and replace all unreliable parts with new ones, from dodgy pots to the whole wiring, tuners, string trees, nuts and etc. All the work done is described in detail in the listing.

    We make sure that every guitar we sell is problem free and take full responsibility for the accuracy of our listing descriptions. All photographs are done by a professional photographer and processed on a calibrated monitor. Some colours might look slightly different on your monitor, but we will always put the official Fender colour name in the listing description, so please study pictures of other guitars with the same colour if you are unsure. We focus on finding great quality guitars and making them reliable and inspiring to play.

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